The most important health habits I have been accommodating to for the past years for my body have been really helpful for my energy levels and health. By sharing them I hope to give you a small insight to my world. Feel free to take up any that suit your lifestyle or any that you feel are important to your bodily organism. The reasons behind them are simple and one does not need to put much thought into it. For the scientific brainwacks out there, I plan to explain why I do what I do on another post in more detail 🙂 .
So, let’s get to it! The main habits include:
1. Drinking 2 glasses of Evian water every morning
2. Doing some kind of exercise in the morning to wake up my body, and then once again, focusing on an area that I want to improve, 2 hours before going to bed
3. Enjoying quality coffee and tea at moderate dosages (2 of each per day on average)
4. Avoiding and eliminating for months whites (mainly bread stuff and sugar)
5. Eating 2-5 of my favorite seasonal fruits or vegetables every day, eating nuts and dried fruits on moderation and salmon at least 1 time every 2 weeks
6. Moisturising my skin every day, doing a face and body peeling once a week, applying a face and neck mask once a week for hydration, cutting my hair every 3 months, using an avocado cream or pure coconut oil every week for my hair ends, taking care of my nails once a week with olive oil after I have cut or filed them.
7. No alcohol, no smoking
I must admit I do have trouble following through sometimes, especially with the habits I must stop. I find myself not being able to resist chocolate cookies at times or crave for shisha smoking with friends 😛 . What I remind myself though in those weak moments is: “I CAN have it. I CHOOSE NOT to. I WANT it. I do NOT NEED it.” That keeps me strong 95% of the time. I would describe it as a consant battle I guess between emotion and logic. Think about it: What must win for the best of you?