A patient of mine, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease some time ago, gave me this little 61-page book as a gift. It’s a book with words of wisdom – or “Kleine Weisheiten” as they say in German, or WOW as I call it  😉 .
Being it my first gift from a patient at the time, I was truly surprised and in that moment felt more grateful for my job and patients than I have ever been before. I gave her a long hug, tried to hold back on the emotional thunderstorm coming over me, wished her all the best, and every now and then I say a little prayer for her when the corner of my eyes catches the book.
Caring for patients like that and working with colleagues that truly care, truly appreciate how much of yourself you invest into your working life, is a present itself. I guess it is the positive affirmation, the “pat on the back”, the “you saved my life” kind of moments I personally need to keep me going, even if I do so little.
I am grateful to have such support from people I barely know and from people that barely know me. So I guess a small exercise for today, before we go to bed, is to think back -no need to go far, going back to the last 24 hours will do- and check with ourselves:
1. Who has supported me, who has helped me, who has been there for me, who honestly appreciates me?
2. How and why did they show their support? Was it something they said or did?
3. How and why did I feel in that moment?
4. How can I give back or give more?
Finally, say “Thank you” from the deepest part of your mind, heart and soul to ALL of them, because if it weren’t for them, would you be feeling so overwhelmed and proud of yourself right now?
Now it is your turn: How do you contribute? How do you give back to yourself, your body, mind and spirit? How do you contribute at home? With your family? With your children? At work? To friends, your husband or special other?