She hadn’t allowed herself to feel nervous before meeting him. She kept telling herself that she should keep it easy and cool. The chemistry between them, at least the sensual part, was there. He made sure to remind her how well she looked and how sensual she was. He seemed to be very intuitive. What surprised her is how well he could see through the whole “meaningful desire”, as he called it, on her face when she drifted away in her thoughts and in the beauty of Nature.
Their kisses were long, sometimes soft and sometimes forceful, sometimes sweet and calm other times passionate and alive. Time didn’t exist, time paused. And he didn’t have to say much, she neither. Maybe that’s part of him she consciously wanted to keep a mystery. He himself, said anyways that he was the quitter one. She was the same. “How fascinating”, she thought to herself, “what can happen when introverts come together”. She was fascinated. Yet with every kiss she questioned if this would be something that could last the test of time. She questioned if she could deeply and truly trust him. He was hurt before, she knew that. She was hurt before, he knew that. Somehow they came together and allowed themselves to give in, in the whole chaos of emotions and the cosmos.
She was meeting him at the train station this time. She saw his back waiting for her at the platform. This time he was the one doing the waiting, not a comfortable feeling. With not much thought she gets into his car and trusts that they will have a beautiful evening together. He drove for a while. She talked. His car smelled of wet dog and metal. “It reminds me of my dad’s car”, she said aloud and at the same time regretted saying it aloud. “Usually the dog sits where you are sitting”, he explained. That didn’t weird her out, she knew her way around dog lovers. She touched his hand at the same time he had to change gears. They both laughed. “It’s not an automatic”, he replied smiling. “I still want to hold your hand, we change gears together.”, she demanded smiling back. “Cute”, he said getting lost for a minute in her eyes.
She didn’t want to look away. His blue eyes had captured her. Her, being controlling and rather the anxious type, had to break the eye contact to check the road. He realised and started driving more carefully.
They ended up in a small hill, they laid the green and blue blanket on the floor. “It’s wet”, he noticed opening his beer can. “From our last date, it had rained, remember?”, she replied. “You should have let it dry, otherwise it smells”, he advised. “Oops”, she said in a naïve, naughty way. She couldn’t resist anymore. She kissed him. “I wanted to do this at the train station”, she admitted. “I didn’t know how you would react.” “Well, you said that you want to take it slow…”. “I know I have to. I’m dating in the meantime six of you and it would be unfair for the others if I were to sleep with you”. ”Six? You are on a roll, aren’t you?”, he said surprised. “Yes”, she replied definitively. He continued kissing her and touching her, as if he didn’t really care or as if he wanted to show her that he is the one, she shouldn’t be looking any further. He could, however, at least control himself and not go any further. She allowed him to touch her more than the last time. She was wearing a white, shorter than the last time dress, just to give him a better glimpse of her fit legs. That he couldn’t resist.
They kept talking about nature, their days, their families. They were alone in the middle of nature, with small hills, the sundown and the clouds in front of them. They kept feeling each other, kissing and sharing a joint. Grey clouds were hiding the sunset. He was hoping to share that with her. “That’s ok, we have more sunsets and sunrises together”, she said smiling. He kissed her, this time in a different way, in a way that was desiring and peaceful. She couldn’t resist his kisses. He unzipped her from the back and started kissing it. She started shivering from arousal. Little bites and caresses. Licking her neck and scratching her back made her wet. She let him do whatever he wanted, she was longing for this and was more than ready to simply let go. She touched her right breast. She saw how he was looking at it and got even more aroused. She was practically begging inside that he would kiss it or bite it or squeeze it. He kissed and licked her nipple. An uncontrollable moan came out of her mouth. They were alone, he made sure of that ahead of time and he would look around every now and then worried, to check if there was someone there. He kept kissing her and touching the inside of her thighs. With her next moan, she warned her to be quiet. She was doing her best until he fingered her. “It feels so warm and good down there”, he whispered in her ear. That somehow gave her a certainty and a confirmation as a woman. She bit him on the neck and couldn’t let him go. “No marks”, he warned her. “I’ll do my best”, she replied with that same naïve, naughty look.
The wind was getting stronger. They saw storms in the far right. And they were getting cold. It started slowly raining but they kept kissing. “Maybe we should get somewhere else with less wind”, he said worryingly. So, they decided to go down the hill, on a small bench they had passed on their way. By now it was raining lightly and the intensity and frequency of the lightening was becoming stronger. The sound of the thunderstorm was becoming louder and prominent. He followed his instincts and went on with trying to get in between her legs. She would bite his tongue from time to time because she liked the sound he was making when she did it. It was the sound of a long, deep with a smirky smile at the end “Ugh” sound.
They both stood up, she wrapped her leg around his. Just when he started to finger her in this position again, they heard a car stopping near by. They both stopped and started laughing as if they were two teenagers caught red handed, somehow disappointed yet even hornier than before. They stopped and hugged each other, in his urgent need to hide his penile erection. Two girls were coming down their way, they were loud and all over the place, just like more lively and crazy early adulthood can be. As their voices were fading in the background and she was glancing over his shoulder, he touched the back of her neck, her dress still unzipped and run his hand along her shoulder. With his other hand he grabbed her ass forcefully under her dress and pulled her closer to him. She licked his ear and neck, as if she didn’t really care they could get caught because of his “Ugh” sounds.
The wind was getting stronger, a wild storm was coming. The two girls were running now back to their car. They seized again. The rain was becoming more forceful and soon both realised they need to get back to the car -fast. The rain was coming harder down, the sound of lightening must have triggered some kind of fight or flight reaction in them both. They mirrored each other’s look: rain, car person opposite to them. They knew they were thinking the same thing and started a race back to the car. She felt as if she was playing in an old, banal romantic movie, the ones she always found too kitschy and fake.
They were now driving around. “Want to chase storms with me?”, he asked. “What a concept”, she thought to herself, “It’s not the first time he’s playing this”. Her loud reply was a simple yes without much emotion. He continued driving, somehow carelessly and faster. It was probably the grass and the beer. She was scared and reminded him to drive slowly now and then-her controlling and anxious parts of her. Driving around, they ended up in a dark alley between farms and farmhouses. They got out of the car and simply enjoyed the rain together. He hugged her, he felt her cold, smooth skin, which he so craved. He had chosen the spot very well. The rain was slower now, some tiny little stars were shining above them but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. They would hear the thunder and would look far in the far horizon in between the mountains, searching for the lightning.
“Is this what you did with your ex as well?”, she asked as she couldn’t handle the ambivalence inside her. “Yes”, he replied boldly and kissed her. He had the nerve to do that. His hand travelled at her back. She never realised that her white dress was now zipped. He didn’t unzip her this time, his hand travelled effortlessly inside the zip along her spine up until her right, smooth, voluptuous butt cheek. He was kissing her harder on the neck and biting her shoulder. She was trying for a while now to stop it, her mind was screaming on the one side “This is no good” and “Relax, enjoy it, let him please you” on the other. She couldn’t resist the temptation. She decided to let go and respond to his wilderness. She allowed her right hand to travel under his shirt, up to his nipple. He had driven hers crazy before, she wanted so badly to care for him as much as well. Her left hand was grabbing his left, hairy and small butt cheek. He got excited -to her surprise- when she was touching his nipple and running her finger playfully around with it.
“I want to fuck you”, he whispered in her ear and drove his finger inside her wet pussy. She moaned a vocal. Bells from the cows were clinging near them. He hold her mouth shut with his other hand and said “Shhh…”. She obeyed, lifted her leg up to his thigh, so he could finger her deeper. She was enjoying this so much, it was feeling so good. She lifted his shirt up. She wanted him inside of her so badly, yet she knew that it would be unfair to the others. Plus it’s not what she bargained for and the wait excited her immensely, she was learning to control that. His nipple was getting harder. She was licking and biting, touching it softly and pinching it. The pain was thrilling for him, the more he would do it, the faster and deeper he would force his fingers inside her.
She couldn’t help herself but moan. Again, he shut her mouth with his hand and pulled her hair from the base of her skull. Her spine bent backwards. She wanted him to get even deeper. “You like that baby girl, don’t you?”. He supported her back, loving having her in this sensual, unique for him position. He pulled her eventually back up, gave her a long, wet kiss and turned her around. He pulled her big ass towards his pelvis, so that she could feel how hard he was because of her. He took his penis through the zip carefully out of his jeans. She couldn’t see much. She touched his penis with respect and curiosity. She could feel his warm, hard, thick penis, which circumference she couldn’t grasp with her small palm. His penis was curved upwards. She wasn’t sure of the length, but she knew she wasn’t enthusiastic about it; either positively or negatively. She didn’t have to stroke his penis long enough. He came with a rough moan after 2-3 strokes. Cowbells were feeling closer now. She felt him hugging her lower stomach, as if he had wished to have come inside her. He kissed her neck, turned her around- this time slower. He caressed her face and kissed her even longer this time.
As she was turning she had noticed three huge cows. After the light dizziness, she could hear the cowbells being more intense. They must have been observing their scene the whole time. They seemed so curious and aroused. She had the sense, they wanted to join. “What a pathologic, weird thought!”, she thought to herself. For her their stare and presence felt violating and criticising, for him it was rather natural and normal. After all, why should only humans observe dogs fuck in nature? The picture of the three cows stuck in her mind and it followed her for the next couple of months.
They eventually walked back to the car. He drove her back to the train station. They said their goodbyes in his car. That’s where they saw each other for the last time. But that wasn’t the end of their summer.