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Plan! Fun! Done! Voila!

We are all considered to play to our strengths. I do many things quite well- not that I am bragging about it, I was just born this way. Or at least that’s what I would like to think… lol This year I realised how important it is to allow myself to discover things. If I […]


The Power Of New

Dedicated to my sister, Andrea Lately, I was inspired by a friend of mine, let us call him Benjamin, to delve more into the topic of philosophy. He, himself, is one of those people you meet, with whom you can talk about anything and anyone! If you do not know such people, I urge to […]

Chasing storms, arising cows

She hadn’t allowed herself to feel nervous before meeting him. She kept telling herself that she should keep it easy and cool. The chemistry between them, at least the sensual part, was there. He made sure to remind her how well she looked and how sensual she was. He seemed to be very intuitive. What […]

Decisions aren’t easy

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Some tough, others easier, some made, others to be thought of, some to be acted upon, some to… Decision-making: it is everywhere and is possible at any time. A person at work or home does it, a person without work or home does it. From how you are dressing up to who you want […]

Appreciate your food

Approximately a month ago, an amazing man noticed that my vocabulary for food was not appropriate. I cannot remember what kind of food it was exactly but I am sure it was something made out of sugar. In my mind, I see sugar as being one of the silent killers in the 21st century -amongst […]

The Elephant in the Cosmos. Stress.

Taking a simple stroll today around town and with plenty of time on my plate, I decided “Let’s see who is smiling and having a good, stress-free day today!” It is a simple game really: you just start counting people with your eyes and observe. 20 is usually enough to get a rough statistic about […]

The power of music

I was just chilling in bed when I had suddenly noticed in the background some guys watching TV. And not just anything… It was time for a Champions League game (for the blondies, the uninterested, and the I-got-better-shit-to-do-with-my-life kind of people, this is an article about music and a football game). No, I apologise… Not […]

Health tips from someone who used to be 120 kgs.

The most important health habits I have been accommodating to for the past years for my body have been really helpful for my energy levels and health. By sharing them I hope to give you a small insight to my world. Feel free to take up any that suit your lifestyle or any that you […]


A patient of mine, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease some time ago, gave me this little 61-page book as a gift. It’s a book with words of wisdom – or “Kleine Weisheiten” as they say in German, or WOW as I call it  😉 . Being it my first gift from a patient at the time, […]

Ready to dive into the world of 1-1 Life Coaching?

Want something more in one or more aspects of your life? Are you open, honest, and willing to take life to the next level? Are you ready to take responsibility for your own life and turn things around? I’ve been where you’ve been! Trust me! The road is long and challenging but coaching makes the […]